Law Degree Abbreviations And Their Significance


Whenever you come across the names of attorneys, you may wonder why they have different abbreviations attached to their names. Questions especially arise if you are not too conversant with the field and think that an attorney is an attorney anyway and should not have the complicated abbreviations. After all, they do the same kind […]

The role and importance of Non-Profit Organizations


Non-profit organizations or NPO(s) plays a very important role in our civil society and the well-being of our countries’ economy. They provide resources and services for the fulfilment of the community. These organization, assist other community and starting ventures, almost every sector of economics and society. Non-profit organizations are sometimes supported by the government and […]

History of United Way Worldwide


The United Way Worldwide is a charity organization founded in 1887 by five religious leaders in Denver, Colorado. This organization is now the world’s largest privately-funded not for profit society and has gone global with several offices outside of North America. A year after its establishment, United Way collected money and funded various charity societies […]